Words from president

Dear HKNA Members,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your continuous support to the Association and it is my honor to be elected as the President of HKNA in the year of 2021-23.  Being the only professional body in nutrition in Hong Kong at the time when Asian Federation of Dietetic Associations (AFDA) was established, HKNA was the founding member of AFDA since 1992 and we have the privilege to lead AFDA after the 7th ACD as the president till 2022.  Under the restrictions during the pandemics, we tried hard to maintain our continuing education system and connect with nutrition professional worldwide by virtual means to uphold the professionalism and further ameliorate our competency. 

In the coming days, HKNA will continue to work with local government, academic institutes, non-governmental organizations and professional bodies to promote nutrition knowledge to general public and to clarify any misinformation related to nutrition. To uphold the professionalism and professional integrity, we will keep on organizing high quality continuing education activities and deterring any malpractice within our profession.  We will maintain our excellent network and partnership with the national and regional nutrition and dietetic organizations and support professional exchange with local and foreign experts.  We are also exploring the means to promote the capacity and the role of nutritionists in the local community and the possibility to set up the accreditation scheme.

HKNA has been working closely with you more than four decades in public health promotion and professional development. We do believe that your contribution would be crucial to the health of local population and the success of our profession. Looking forward to see you in the coming events and your active participation to our professional development.

Gordon Cheung

President 2021-23, Hong Kong Nutrition Association