About the Database of Prepackaged Snacks

About the Database of Prepackaged Snacks

Children and teenagers are in the phase of active growth and development. When the three main meals of the day provide inadequate energy to meet body needs, healthy snacks may be considered. In addition, proper selection of healthy snacks can supplement their nutrient requirements. Hence, the Hong Kong Nutrition Association (HKNA) has developed the Database of Prepackaged Snacks (The Database) to facilitate members of the public in making healthy snack choices. The prepackaged snacks in the database have to meet the nutritional criteria of “Snacks of Choice” or “Snacks to Choose in Moderation”in accordance with the Nutritional Guidelines on Snacks for Students issued by the Department of Health.

The Database is a non-profit making voluntary initiative of the Hong Kong Nutrition Association, which established initially by collecting suitable prepackaged snacks from three major local supermarkets in January 2011. To enrich the Database, active submissions of product information by food manufacturers, tuck-shop operators and members of the public are welcome.

It should be noted that person(s)/entity(ies) who submit the information shall undertake to ensure accuracy of the data at the time of submission. They should also inform HKNA if they are aware of any change in the aforesaid information so that the Database could be presented in an up-to-date manner.

Members of the public should be aware of the followings:

1. The information uploaded on this Website is for reference only and this is not an exhaustive list. Whilst HKNA expects the submitted information to be accurate and updated, it does not bear any responsibility in ensuring validity, accuracy or completeness of any information so contained.

2. While updating of information on this Website will be carried out as soon as practicable, HKNA does not guarantee or assume, and shall not be liable for, any responsibility in relation to the information or database, including but not limited to any updating of information within a specified duration or otherwise.

3.  While HKNA would try the best to provide correct information, person(s)/entity(ies) who made the submission should be responsible for accuracy of data to the best of their knowledge. HKNA shall not be responsible for any claims, loss or damage incurred, sustained, suffered or be subject to by any person in any manner anywhere as a result of incorrect information submitted by third parties.

HKNA advises the Database’s users to verify the classification of prepackaged snacks according to the information on the package at the point-of-purchase, as information provided in this database might be different or become outdated compared with the actual products available in the market. Nonetheless, HKNA welcomes updates from stakeholders and members of the public at any time.

School personnel, parents, tuck-shop operators and members of the public are welcome to send in their views to info@hkna.org.hk regarding this initiative.

Database of Prepackaged Snacks – drinks (pdf)

Database of Prepackaged Snacks – food (pdf)

Database of Prepackaged Snacks – Submission Form (pdf)

Nutritional Guidelines on Snacks for Students, Department of Health